Rivers and the Carbon Cycle

My primary research interests include landscape evolution and tectonic geomorphology, and more recently I became interested in the role that rivers play in the organic carbon cycle.

Rivers are sensitive recorders of landscape change, and can serve as a profound signal for active tectonic, climatic, biotic, and anthropogenic processes.

My natural laboratory is the Rio Bermejo in northern Argentina, which transports a significant volume of sediment and terrestrial organic carbon from the mountain range to the Paraguay River, which eventually reaches the Atlantic Ocean. The primary research questions I aim to solve include:

  1. Is dynamic topography influencing the planform geometry and flow regime of river systems draining the eastern flank of the Andes?
  2. How do leaf wax biomarkers evolve as they are transported downstream in a river system?
  3. Where and over what timescales does microbial degradation of organic material occur in a river system?
Source to sink model for leaf wax biomarker transport in the Rio Bermejo fluvial system (Marisa Repasch, 2017)

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